Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Few More Christmas Memories

I was still feeling nostalgic today, so I got out the home movies from my childhood and watched a few of them.  What memories they brought back!

When I was three years old, I got a doll stroller. Apparently, I thought it was great fun to run down the hall pushing the stroller, then letting it go, while I stood there laughing as my dolly careened out of control.

My Mammaw had a nativity set.  I don't remember us having one in our house, but Mammaw did.   When we would go over to her house, she always had the figures spread out in a lovely little tableau that frankly, just didn't make sense to my childish logic.  I would move the pieces closer, inside the stable, crowded around the baby so that they could see him.  Because that's what they'd really be doing.  They'd want to see the baby.   Mammaw got on to me about it one time, and I said, "But Mammaw, they want to see the baby.  They can't see him way out there."  She never said another word, but she'd put them back after I had gone home.

We got a Pong game the first year it came out.  You had to wire it into your TV where the antenna hooked up.  It was harder to play than it looked.  It seems so primitive now, but it was all the rage when it came out.  

Even though our family was by no means wealthy, we got some pretty cool toys.  I know a lot of people talk about being disappointed that they didn't get what they wanted, but I don't remember ever not getting what I'd asked for.  Christmas was always good at our house. 

I wish I had some old photos to go with this post, but most of them were ruined in the hurricane.  I think a lot of the original home movies were destroyed, too, so I'm glad my dad and I took the time to transfer them to video.  I had my copies here with me, so they're still OK.

Well, I've enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  I hope you weren't too bored walking with me. 

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Bag Blog said...

Christmas memories are never boring. My mom had a nativity scene she put out every year. One day I remarked that it was odd that they were Oriental Mary and Joseph. She looked at her figurines with surprise, and agreed that they were Oriental. We had a good laugh.


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