Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Misscellany

My day started pretty early this morning--around 3:30 AM, when thunderstorms blew in and woke me up.  I was dreaming about the Dallas Cowboys.  I don't remember the dream, but I remember Jason Witten being in it.

This is the third night in a row I've dreamed about them.  The first night, I dreamed they were having a pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills.   In the dream, one of the fans ran in from the sidelines and shoved Tony Romo out of the back of the endzone with his hands around Tony's neck.  He still managed to complete a pass to Miles Austin.  The Bills won the game, and even though it was just pre-season, they were acting like it was a SuperBowl.  Guess them two losses back in the 90's still rankle just a wee bit.

The next night, I dreamed the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl, only Jason Garrett had benched DeMarcus Ware for disciplinary reasons. Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

Anyway, my day started early, and ended a bit early, too.  One of the machines in tubing was broke down, and when it became obvious they weren't going to get it fixed in a timely manner, they shut the lines down and sent us all home.  I tried to get Greg to let Vanessa and me stay until 3:00, but he said no.  Greg is a tough case.  I could always talk Former Group Leader Rod into it.

When I got home, Jake came to visit.  Somewhere he found one of those rings that come off of the milk jug and brought it to me to throw for him.

 Not a ball-- of which I have plenty-- or a bone, or a rope toy.  But a milk jug ring.

 Throwing a tiny piece of plastic for an 80 lb dog ended up being quite comical. Um, kindly ignore the hair on my carpet.  When there are more animals than people in the house, it kind of comes with the territory.

Wait, what?  Houses are supposed to be cleaned?????  Boy, talk about shattering my illusions...

I think I'll go huddle in a corner and whimper a while now. 


Bag Blog said...

I'm sure the Cowboy dreams mean something - like you are ready for football season :) I love the dog and the milk ring!

Patti said...

I hear ya. I could have saved A LOT of $$ on first dog, now cat, toys if I had stayed out of the pet stores and just "shopped" in the recycling bin for cardboard boxes, plastic grocery bags, milk jug rings, ink pens, etc.



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