Monday, August 15, 2011

His Name Is Jesse

The first thing I did when I picked him out-- well, after signing the papers and all --was to take him to the vet. Just my luck, there was only one vet in the office that morning, and half the population of this town suddenly decided that their animals just had to have medical care. So we ended up sitting in the vet's office for about an hour and a half.

If I'd know it would be that long, I'd have waited until today.

Anyway, the vet gave Jesse his shots, and tested him for heartworms.  That one came back positive, which didn't really surprise either of us.  No telling how long he'd been wandering the streets before Animal Control picked him up.   The vet went ahead and put Jesse on preventative, which will kill the larvae in his bloodstream, but won't do anything about the grown heartworms.  He wants to wait until October to get those taken care of.  In the meantime, the preventative will keep the infestation from getting worse.

He also gave him an antibiotic to clear up an upper respiratory infection.  Jesse had a pretty bad cough, but it's already gotten a lot better.  As soon as that's cleared up, and he's put on some weight, well, he's going to bid farewell to his manhood.  Dog hood.  Whatever.

Speaking of putting on weight, I had to go buy him some regular dog food.  Rylea tends to be on the chubby side, so I've got her on weight management food.  That's the last thing Jesse needs.  I was brushing him yesterday, and could clearly see every one of his ribs.  Right now, I'm just keeping his food bowl full, and letting him eat as much as he wants. 

He's got a sweet disposition, but right now he seems very reserved.  I'm guessing he doesn't trust people yet.  I hope to change that. 


Bag Blog said...

Jesse is cute! We need to put Ranger on diet dog food - chubs that he is.

Purl2Together said...

He's gorgeous


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