Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP Parade

Let's have a parade! Bark 'n' Knit is hosting a parade over on her blog. What kind of parade? A WIP parade!  And it's a contest, too.  You can get all the details over on her blog.  Before we begin, let me just say that most of my WIPs have been set aside for charity knitting.  Between the Sailor Hats, and the cancer scarves, I haven't worked on much else lately.  But that's OK.  I enjoy doing things for other people.   OK, are you ready?

And away we go...

1.  Conwy Socks, from Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush 

2. Pixie Dust Socks: The pattern is Bubble Wrap.  Yeah, these have fallen by the wayside.  They aren't hard, I'm just not feeling the love for this yarn.  It is Knit Picks Imagination, and it is very loosely spun.  It's totally not right for socks, but I've already finished one, so I'm determined to finish the pair.

3.  Anniversary Mystery Shawl 10: The mojo for this one has gone on vacation, so I'm just going to let it marinate for a while.

4.  Orkney Pi Shawl:  I really like this pattern so far.  The repeats are fairly short, making it easy to remember.  I don't have to keep looking at the chart while I knit.  Just one thing, though, the charts are difficult to follow and have some errors.  However, the written instructions are clear and so far, error free.

5.  Fruit of The Vine Scarf:  It's moving right along. 

6. Friendship Blankie:

7.  Family Blankie: Ignore the hideous stain on my carpet.  The cat threw up and it took several scrubbings to get the stain completely out.

8.  Fun Fur Charity scarf: This one's taking up most of my time right now. 

And that's my WIPs.

Be sure and head on over to check out the contest, too.


Dale said...

Well, I don't know squat about knitting but I do like the Friendship Blanket. You do incredible work!

Gnat said...

Thanks for entering!! What a fun float! Love the friendship and family blankets! They are so pretty!

Becky said...



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