Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Hats

I was chugging away on my fun fur charity scarf--the turquoise one--

 when I heard something. A faint whisper. I tried to ignore the sound, and kept knitting on the scarf. But it became more intense. It was a persistent whisper, and the time came when I could no longer ignore it....

It was the leftover hat yarn, calling my name.

What could I do?  I set the fun fur aside and cast on a hat.

This one turned out interesting.  I used the same yarn, needles, and pattern as I did for the first one, but it pooled in a totally different way. 

I thought I was making this for myself, but when visiting Shanti's Mom's blog, I saw a plea for more hats.   So I cast on another. 

I tried to get Squeaky to model it for me and got the Death Glare.

The Cowboys don't play until tomorrow night.  Wanna hear something ironic?  Normally, I have to watch the Saints on FOX, because we're so close to New Orleans.  I'm not a Saints fan, and usually I grumble about this.  Today, I would have loved to watch the Saints game, but it was on CBS.  I don't get CBS since the switch to digital.  I need a bigger antenna for that.  Be that as it may, the one time I wanted to watch them, I didn't get to.

And why did I want to watch the Saints?  Because they got smoked by none other than the Cleveland Browns!  In honor of this, I give you something I certainly won't post every week:

A Gratuitous Colt McCoy photo

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 24: Colt McCoy  of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass against the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome on October 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Now the Saints, the defending Super Bowl champion Saints are 4-3 and third in the division.  I wonder if down in New Orleans, they're calling for Sean Peyton's head?  Drew Brees threw 4 interceptions.  I wonder if down in New Orleans, they're wanting to cut him?   I wonder if they're calling their offensive coordinator an idiot?  Or does that just happen in Dallas?

Remember Wednesday when I was talking about the Cowboys and the disparity in the penalty calling?   Apparently, I'm not the only one who's noticed.  Says Mickey:

The Cowboys have been flagged for 49 penalties, .... That means the  Cowboys are averaging 9.8 penalties a game and have been flagged for more penalties than their opponents in all five games.

If you factor out these 49 penalties in five games over the course of a 16-game season, the Cowboys are on pace to set the single-season record for most penalties in franchise history at 156.

Let's consider the flags thrown on the opponents during the Cowboys first five games,....  That would be 21, the fewest opponent penalties in the entire league after six weeks.

Counted up the opponent penalties called when playing the Cowboys and then their penalties called in all other games. As stated, those five teams have averaged 4.2 penalties against the Cowboys. Against their other opponents so far this season, totaling 24 games, they are averaging seven penalties a game, just less than double. Or would that be almost double?

Read the entire article here: Yellow Fever. It's enough to make you go "Hmmm..."

And a bit of good news;  IT'S RAINING!!!!!!

Woo hoo!

  Valentine rain hearts


Patch said...

LOL Squeaky's "Death Glare"

Becky said...

Yeah, she's good at that.

Sus said...

You're a hat-making machine! I do love how variegated yarn pools differently in different projects. It makes using the same yarn more exciting!

Becky said...

Thanks, Sus. Hats are quick and easy to make.


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