Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Of A Thursday Evening


People need to get off of Marc Colombo's back.

(AP Photo/Tim Sharp)
Sure, he got flagged for an excessive celebration penalty.  We can discuss at a later date whether that call was even warranted or not.  Still, he got flagged.  As a result, they had to kick off from their own 15 yard line instead of the 30.  No matter.  The cannon that is David Buehler's right leg still put that ball on the Titan's own 15 yard line, between the numbers and the sideline.  It's not Marc Colombo's fault that they allowed a 73 yard kick off return.  Put that one squarely on special teams. 

Speaking of special teams, you know you've got a problem when your leading tackler is *ahem* the kicker.

(AP Photo/Mike Fuentes)
Brett Favre has the longest game streak of anyone int he NFL.  He has started 289 consecutive games, 313 if you count playoff appearances.  He has played through all sorts of injuries and inconveniences, including a broken thumb.  Yet this bastion of durablity is considering sitting out the next game.  That would be the one against the Cowboys.  Why?  He says it's because he's got a sore elbow.

Hmmm, the man who has endured everything is going to sit out a game because of a sore elbow?  Or could it be that he remembers the fury of Keith Brooking after the last time these two teams met.  You know, the one in which Favre ran up the score on a team that was already soundly beaten.  No, that didn't set well with Brooking, or the rest of the Dallas defense for that matter.  Favre is walking into this game with a gigantic target on his back.  And on his front.  And on his top.  And his bottom.  It's enough to make a 41 year old quarterback want to call in sick.

Come to think of it, David Buehler is no ordinary kicker.  He's the one who smoked cornerback DeAngelo Smith in a footrace during training camp their rookie year.  Probably cost Smith his job, too.  Buehler also played linebacker in college.  He knows how to tackle.  And he's not afraid to do it, either.  It was Buehler who saved the touchdown on that 73 yard kick off return. 

Come to think of it, Favre is no ordinary quarterback.  He's a grandpa.  The first one to play in the NFL. But he needs to shave. Some men can pull off the stubbled look.  Tony Romo handles it nicely.

But Brett Favre just looks like he needs to wash his face.

So does Tom Brady.  Or did, back when he was trying to sport the stubbled look. 

Speaking of Tom Brady, did you hear?  The king of stupid looking hair himself had the nerve to make fun of Tom Brady's mop top.  Uh, that would be Justin Beiber.

Yeah, like he's got room to talk.

What is this world coming to?


Dale said...

Well, you knew I couldn't pass this post up without a comment. Although it's hard to come up with something to say when you've said it all. From the DC kicker to whinny Butt (Bret) Farve. I really hope he feels the pressure and plays Sunday, because Dallas has something to prove and nothing except a beat down of an NFC East rival, would be sweeter than to see Dallas ring Butt's bell! Go Cowboys and Go Rangers!!! I can't believe I'm still saying Go Rangers this late in October!!

Becky said...

Oh, there's no doubt in my mind that he'll play. I hope he does. You know Brook and D Ware are going to be all over his butt!

I'll say it with you, GO RANGERS!!


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