Friday, October 01, 2010

It's Not Saturday


But it's felt like it all day, since I didn't have to work. I'm almost afraid that I'm going to try to get up and go to church in the morning!  And since I didn't have to work, the first order of business was to take the Rotund One to the vet for her annual shots and checkup.  We did talk about her weight, and the vet said I was right to be concerned.  Obesity in dogs is just as harmful to their health as it is in humans.  He said to keep her on the fat dog dog food, and keep walking her.  The good news is, she has lost 8 lbs since I had her weighed last.  I didn't think she had, because she still looks huge, but the scales don't lie.  I think that was around the end of July.  She weighed 60 lbs then, and today she weighed 52.

The other thing is that she doesn't have ear mites like I thought.  She has yeast infection in her ears.  I wonder how dogs get that.  Katie got them, too.  Anyway, he gave me some drops for that.  She doesn't like them any better, but at least they'll really help her this time.   He said I was doing a good job keeping her ears clean, and otherwise, she's in good health.

When I got home, there was a big, squishy envelope in my mail box.  I opened it up straight away, and found yarn.  Lots of yarn.

This was sent to me by buddy Kristen, to make scarves for Scarves From The Heart.  Speaking of, I finished the one I'd been working on.

And am about to cast on another. I'd almost forgotten how much fun these little scarves are. And quick. I guess that's why I like doing them. I can get a lot done and sent in in a short amount of time.

Rylea says, "Why'd you have to go and tell them how much I weigh?"

"I'm so embarrassed!"


Kristen said...

And no bugs! Enjoy the yarn!!!

Becky said...

%Thanks Kristen!

Kristen said...

Wow, I just clicked on the link. I think I'm going to have to make some scarves now. Well, not right this second, but definitely on the to do list.

Becky said...

Thanks, Kristen. I know they'll be appreciated.


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