Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

This week's topic (because for the moment, I seem to have nothing better to blog about) is What Is In Your Freezer. 

If I had posted this about 10 minutes ago, I could have said Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, but alas it is no more...

So here goes, 10 things that are in my freezer:

1.  Star shaped ice cubes.  Plus some standard rectangular ones, too.

2.  Two Banquet pot pies.  Mmmm, I love pot pie.

3.  Smart Ones pasta with ricotta and spinach.  I've never tried this, but it sounded good. 

4.  Several servings of leftover chili. 

5.  Beef sausage, which I've been saving for gumbo.  Which I will make as soon as it's cold enough.

6.  Fish sticks.  Yes, minced.  I like minced.

7.   A frozen can of corn.  It makes a great therapy for plantar faciitis.  Just roll the can under your foot.  It acts as both a massager and an anti inflammatory thing.   Ice pack.  Whatever. 

8.  Mushrooms, just waiting to be fried

9.  Vacuum sealed sausage ball mix.  I'm the only one that ever eats them anyway.

10.  Dead mice.  These are for the snakes.  They are sealed in plastic bags.  It's OK, really. 

And that's just a sampling of a few things that are in my freezer.  I'll bet if I really dig, I can find some quite interesting things, but no, we won't go there. 

Thank you.

That is all. 

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