Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This has been me lately.

At work, I can think up long, eloquent posts.  Driving around town, lying in bed, shopping, even watching TV, the words just flow.  Oh, they're beautiful posts.  They'd make you laugh.  They'd make you cry.  They'd make you reconsider the course of your life.  

But the minute I open my blog, everything goes out the window. I'm sitting there staring at a blank screen thinking, "wut r werds."  And you end up with posts like this.

However, all is not lost, as I do have a finished object to show you.

This is the hat I knit for my sister in law's Christmas gift.  So, Paula, if you're reading this, use the Men In Black little flashy thing so you'll be surprised in December!  This was such a nifty little pattern, I may make several more for the charity drawer with all that yarn my mother in law sent me. 

And look, another surprise!

I've got daffodils coming up.  I wasn't sure if they had survived, since I was so late in planting them.  I've still got a bucket full of spider lily bulbs I've got to get into the ground. 

With all this rain we've been getting, the ground ought to be soft enough. 

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