Saturday, December 07, 2013

We Got Lucky

We got lucky. It didn't get nearly as cold as they were predicting. It's still expected to get down into the 20s, but hey, it's better than getting down into the teens.

I've spent the last two days finishing Joshua's hat and putting out the rest of my Christmas decorations.  As you can see, this hat striped nicely.  

Now, I have nothing to do but wait until the other skein of yarn gets here-- hopefully Tuesday.  In the meantime, I cast on another scarf. 

 I had this ball of Zauberball Crazy rolling around.  I'd tried to knit a pair of socks out of it once, but found the yarn way too loosely spun, and I feared it wouldn't hold up.  Today, I remembered a pattern that I had knit back in 2009, and thought it would be perfect for this yarn.  So, I cast on another Trekking Is For Necking

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting this pattern.  I must remember it more often.

Just for kicks, here is a random shot of some of my Christmas decorations.

Oh, and look...a stocking full of coal.  Someone has been very naughty this year. 

I wonder who that could be?

Here's a hint:  his initials are Group Leader Fernando.


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