Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Another One

I finished the second hat, and it pooled the same way as the first one. 

Here is the other side. 

I'm going to send this one to my older brother.  Just to be sure, I asked my sister in law if he wore these types of hat.  I know he used to like the fedoras and such.  She said that he would wear it, and fingerless mitts, too.   See, he plays the piano and organ.  Fingerless mitts would keep his hands warm while leaving his fingers free to play.  You know, in case he ever played outside in the snow.  Like The Piano Guys do.  Sometimes.

All right, then...

I had enough yarn for a second hat, so I cast on this one for my nephew. 

It looks like it's going to stripe nicely.  I should have enough yarn to do Joshua a pair of fingerless mitts, too.  I've already tinkered with my pattern to make it child sized.  I just need my other skein of yarn to get here.

Anyway, I've been seeing this kit in the Herrschner's catalog for just ages, and I've always loved it.

Well, in the latest catalog, they had it marked down to $9.99.  It's regularly $17, so I bought it.  That was before Rylea's accident and gargantuan vet bill.  For good measure, I threw these two kits into my bag as well.

They will probably end up being someone's Christmas gift next year.

I'm going to start on them as soon as I finish my Christmas Knitting for this year.

And since it's Christmas time, you get a bonus.  This was my dad's favorite Christmas song ever.  And I think this might be my favorite version of it.

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