Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Christmas

Due to work and travel conflicts, we had to have our family Christmas get together a little early this year.  The only bummer was that Cody wasn't there, but he will be home for Christmas itself, so that's OK.

Because Cameron had to go to work at 2, we had a brunch after church.  There was lots of food.

And lots of presents.

And one very excited little boy.

Since our kids have grown up, we've always just passed out the presents, then went around the circle taking turns opening them.

We decided not to put Cory through that, so I didn't get as many photos of gifts as I normally do.

But I did get a few.  Shelbi and Brittani were both very excited, because they got cups with their names on them.  Spelled correctly, too.  OK, they had to be special ordered, but that's what Neenaws are for. 

Cameron and the afghan Beverly crocheted for him

Brittani made this.  That's string art.  Remember that stuff?  It used to be really popular in the late 70s and early 80s.  I always thought it was so cool.

She also painted door signs for everyone with our last names on them.

Mine had a little accident.  Cameron laid his jacket down on top of it before the paint was dry, so Brittani had to re-do it.  She showed it to me, then put it back up so it could finish drying.

We also took the ubiquitous family photos, which I won't show you, since they pretty much look just like the ones I posted at Thanksgiving.  I'll just show you these two, since Mike is in them.

Cameron, Brittani, Josh, Shelbi, Cory, Mike, and Dennise.

And finally, one of Mike and Dennise. 

That was our Christmas get together fro 2013.  Now, I need to start shopping for Cody. 

I don't have anything for him yet.

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