Sunday, July 03, 2011

Not So Jolly Holiday Weekend

What I'd thought was just an allergy attack seems to have morphed into a full fledged head cold. Friday afternoon, I started feeling bad, and by Saturday, all I wanted to do was lay up in the bed. I had to get up to go get Beverly and James' dogs from the vet, and I figured, as long as I'm up and dressed, I might as well go to the store. So I did, but couldn't wait to get home and just flop down in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

This morning, I wasn't feeling a whole lot better. I tried to convince myself that I felt well enough to go to church, but I didn't succeed. Former Group Leader Rod told me a few weeks ago that his church shows their services on TV, so that's where I went to church today--Burning Bush Missionary Baptist Church. Funny thing is, the camera swung away from the preacher for a moment, and there he was, Former Group Leader Rod, with his big ol' head filling up the screen.

I must remember to tease him about that Tuesday when I go back to work.

Anyway, the weekend wasn't a total waste. Remember those shorts I sewed like three weeks ago? I finally got the elastic ran in the waistbands. One pair, I got the elastic a little too loose, and need to go back and tighten it up, but other than that, they are finally finished.

I solved the problem of my too low cut work shirts. I had an old t-shirt that I'd intended to throw away, but just never got around to it. So, I cut it up and sewed it into place. I think it's cool. It gives the shirt a layered look without the added bulk (and heat) of wearing a t-shirt under it.

I've already sewed darts into the pirate shirt, but if they feel too bulky after actually wearing the shirt all day, I will rip the darts out and sew a piece into it the same way.  I've got an old gray t-shirt that'll look good with it.  Heck, I may just do it anyway, but on another day when I'm feeling better.

I got another hat finished.

This is the one I'm designing.  I knit this hat from my notes, and it turned out OK, which means my notes are OK.   Now, I just need to write it all up in a way that makes sense to other people. 

I knit a few rows on my AMS 11, but it is already July.  That means I need to start cranking out the hats so that they'll be done in time for Christmas care packages.  So I set the shawl aside and cast on this one:

They go pretty fast when you just knit a plain hat.

Later, I spent a few minutes cleaning up my office.  OK, it's not really an office, I just say that to make me feel important.  Anyway, whatever you want to call it, I spent a few minutes cleaning it up.  There, amongst the old receipts and bills paid years ago, I found this:

Me, in Pompeii, in June of 1992. Wow, you may say. You sure have a lot of photos of yourself in Pompeii, don't you? Well, yes I do. I went there a lot. It was easy to get there by train, and reasonably priced to get in. It kind of became the thing to do on days that I didn't have anything do.

But right now, I think the thing to do is for me to go to bed. 



Sus said...

So sorry you're under the weather. You've been productive, though! I like the fix on the work shirt -- nice! And how amazing that there was a time when you could say, "I'm bored today; I think I'll go to the ruins of Pompeii!!" So cool!

Becky said...

It was cool! For history buffs, Italy is a treasure trove of cool places. There were ruins that were thousands of years old everywhere.

Sometimes, I miss that.


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