Tuesday, July 05, 2011

N is For


In this case, Rylea's nose. 

A dog's nose is an amazing thing.  You know, long years ago, I read a story that won a Young Writer's Contest put on by a magazine I used to subscribe to.  In it, a kid wanted to adopt a blind dog.  The dad wouldn't let him, because the dog didn't understand what was going on, and would spend the rest of his life cowering in the corner, afraid to move.

It was an interesting story, but totally wrong about blind dogs.  I know.  I used to have a blind dog.  Dogs adjust to the loss of their sight even better than humans do.  Why?  Because a human's primary sense is sight.  A dog's primary sense is smell.  Because they have these amazing noses. 

My dog--my blind dog-- If I didn't tell you he was blind, you'd never have known it.  Even folks who knew he was blind swore up and down he had to be able to see something.  But nope.  Light and dark was all he was able to see. 

Cataracts, brought on by canine diabetes.  That's why he was blind.  It didn't stop him though. He ran, all the way up until the end. 


And he never knew he couldn't see.


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