Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Man, I can hardly believe July is over, and the kids will be starting school next week.  And get child is a senior this year!  Seems like just yesterday, I was squeezing him out at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Naples, Italy.

Now, he's about to graduate.  Where does the time go?

Ah, but no time to be maudlin, I've got decisions to make!

Now that I've gotten the dress finished, I need to knit something to wear over it.  Vanessa said she doesn't think it's too skimpy to wear to church, but still...

I'd like to have something just in case they have the air conditioner set to Arctic Blast.

So the plan is to knit a shawlette out of one of these two sock yarns.  The only question is which one?  That is Cherry Tree Hill Sugar Maple on the left, and Shelly Dyes Cheesehead on the right.

Just so's you'll know, I don't think Shelly is dying sock yarn any more...

Eventually, I'm going to knit myself a Vernal Equinox (the last one being sent to my sister for Christmas) out of this Knit Picks Gloss in Dandelion.  That's not just for the dress, though.  I'd been wanting to knit another one ever since...well, I sent the last one to my sister for Christmas.

I"m almost back to where I ripped on the Traveling Roses scarf.  Yeah, this one looks much better, now that I've knit all the rows I was supposed to.

Funny how that works.

And finally, I spent far too much time playing around on Google Earth, so now I'm late to bed, yet again.  Sigh, when will I ever learn?


Bag Blog said...

I love the colors in that dress.

Patti said...

LOL "Arctic Blast"

Why not all 3 yarn colors in the shawlette? All 3 colors are in the dress, so... Or as fast as you knit, make 3 different shawls, one in each color = 3 "different" outfits...

FWIW I think the dress is fine for church too, but then again I NEVER liked seeing shorts or even jeans in just feels wrong. If you're still worried, would some kind of blouse or baby-doll tee shirt work for underneath?

Oh and yeah, totally impressed that you SEWED that! My mom used to sew most of our clothes as kids but it's sadly a skill I could never master

I know how ya feel (sorta), my nephew will be a senior this year too *sigh*

Becky said...

Thanks, Lou.

Patti, at first I thought you were saying all three yarns in one shawl! I was like "Gross!" But yeah, I'll probably eventually knit something from at least two of them. I'm just looking for something quick right now so I can wear the dress before winter gets here!


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