Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeling Groovy

which I am not today. I got up feeling quite icky, but as the sole breadwinner I went to work anyway. I got worse throughout the day, and before too long, I was literally shivering in my boots. Now, you must understand that my work environment is HOT. Even if it's 19' outside, as it was this morning, it is still hot inside. I am hot natured anyway, so for me to shiver told me that certainly something was wrong. I took some Tylenol and that helped me make it through the day. After I got home, I took my temperature, and it was 99.5. I sat down to watch the new disc of Reba that I got from Netflix, but it wouldn't play. So now, I am just sitting here wrapped in a blanket with nothing on the TV.

I have been watching the Olympics, but just haven't been moved to post about them. I've been knitting, too. I am still working on my second Falling In Love sock, and have also picked back up my Mystery '09 shawl. I'll have photos when I feel better.

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Patch said...

Reba was a pretty good show, I remember that one. I liked the Barbra Jean and Van characters best...such goofballs!


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