Friday, February 06, 2015


Beverly and James have been in Texas this week, seeing to some legal stuff in regards to my uncle's estate.  They got back home today, and brought me some treasures.  These two Christmas vests were my auntie's.  I remember this first one very well.  Somewhere I have a picture of her wearing it. 

I  don't really remember this vest, but I like it.  I only hate that I have to wait nearly a year before I can wear them.

 This is a crocheted tree skirt that my Mammaw made years and years ago. 

I was glad to get this one, because I have so little that was hers.

While they were gone, I've had a little adventure.  Sort of.  See, Beverly has taken in my uncle's cat after he passed away.  While they were in Texas, they'd asked me to go over and feed her.  There was just one little problem.

They've got one of those fancy alarm systems on their house -- the kind that is monitored by the company.  It's got motion sensors inside and all that.  I asked them if the cat would set off the motion sensor.  They didn't think she would be big enough.  She was.

If the alarm goes off, they call James' cell phone.  But they were having problems in Texas with their signals dropping out.  I'd tried to call both of them from time to time during the week, and got a message saying they were not available.  Those times when the company couldn't get through to him, they called me.

Well, the kitty had set the alarm off several times, and we'd dealt with it.  Then, Tuesday, she set it off while I was in the shower, so I didn't hear the phone ring.  By the time I got out of the shower, the alarm company had already sent the police out to the house.  I had to go out there and explain to them that it was the cat, and apologize.  I felt bad that they had come out for nothing.

Later that night -- around 4 AM, in fact -- the alarm company called.  She'd set it off again.  That was when I decided that I'd just go get her when I got home from work and bring her home with me.  That was another adventure.

My dogs are used to cats, but that cat isn't used to dogs.  She was very frightened by them, even though they were only being friendly.  She actually attacked Jesse a couple of times.  Scared him half to death.  He's neurotic anyway.  By the time it was all over, he was more afraid of her than she was of him.  To keep them both feeling relatively safe, I ended up shutting the cat in my bedroom, which didn't set well with Jesse.  That's where he likes to hang out.  Since he sleeps in there with me, at night, I would shut the cat in my bathroom.

She did not like that at all.

And she let me know she did not like being shut in the bathroom.  Loudly and persistently.

All.  Night.  Long. 

But I couldn't be mad at her.  She's such a sweet little kitty, and she's been through a lot here the last few months, what with losing my aunt first, and my uncle and then having to move and get used to a new home and family, and now this...

Let's just say, she was very glad to get back into her own home, with her own family.   

Next time, they said they'd just take her with them. 

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