Friday, February 20, 2015

New Stuffs

I've got some wonderful friends on Facebook.

Or, should I say, I've got some wonderful enabling friends on Facebook?

Yes, I do.

One of those friends recently suggested a movie on Netflix.  Being bored one Sunday afternoon, I watched it.  That movie was so good, I immediately went to and added it to my shopping cart.  

If you are any sort of a Civil War aficionado, I definitely recommend this one.  I don't want to give too much away... just watch it. 

I have this other friend, Sue, who is like, the absolute queen of enablers.  She's the reason I have a fish.  

A while back, she got into doing this stuff called Zentangle.  Basically, it's fancy doodling.

And BOOM goes the head of every Zentangle purist! 

Anyway, she recently recommended this book.

One friend mentioned that she ordered it.  Then another...and...yep, I jumped on that bandwagon, too.  I've glanced through it, but haven't really started doing anything. 

Just what I need, another hobby. 

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