Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Didn't Do Anything

I didn't do anything today, so why am I so tired?

Well, it could have something to do with staying up to read my new book.

Yes, a real book with those weird paper pages that you have to ummm....turn.  Yeah, that's the word. 

It was recommended to me by someone on Facebook, and since they didn't have a Kindle edition, I ordered the paperback.  Since they were going to have to ship it to me anyway, I threw in two of my favorite Christmas movies.

Christmas With The Kranks is based on the short novel Skipping Christmas, by John GrishamTim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play Luther and Nora Krank, whose only child Blair has joined the Peace Corps and has gone to Peru for two years.  They decide to save all the money they would have spent on Christmas and go on a cruise, much to the chagrin of their neighborhood.

It didn't get very good reviews, but I really liked the movie.  I liked it enough to buy it, obviously. Of course, the book was better, but then, books usually are.

Seasons Of The Heart is one of my all time favorite movies.  I've checked it out from the church library so many times that I told the library chairman that I might as well just buy it.  So, I did.  It follows the story of Jed and Martha Richards back in the 1800s who leave their home to settle the American West.  Along the way, their two little daughters die, leaving a big  hole in their lives.  Then one day the preacher brings an orphaned boy, Danny, to see if Jed and Martha can take him in and give him a home.  Jed soon comes to love the boy as his son, but Martha just can't accept him.  She constantly compares the boy to her two golden haired girls, and he can't seem to do anything right, until a miracle happens one snowy Christmas eve.  I can't recommend this movie enough.

*Warning, have the tissues handy. 

In other news, I did manage to clear enough space in the refrigerator to get the turkeydactyl in.  Doing so, I discovered that my whole crisper cabinet came out.  I knew the drawer would come out, but I didn't know the casing around the drawer also came out.  It sure made cleaning it a whole lot easier. 

I also took the time to go pull all the dead stuff out of my flower bed, but I haven't raked up the mulch yet.  I'm going to take it up and spread it around my back steps, where it stays perpetually muddy all winter long.  I'm hoping I can build that area up a bit so it won't be quite so gloppy. 

And I spent the rest of the day watching football and knitting.  I watched the Arkansas /Mississippi State game, then the LSU/Ol' Miss game.  About halfway through the second game, it hit me.  Football season is almost over.  College football is, at least.  Next week is LSU's last regular season game.  The Army/Navy game is December 8th, then that's it until bowl games start.  How could it go by so fast?  It seems like it just got started. 

I try not to think about things like that.

It makes me sad.  

So I'll just show you my new hat:

I've got a contact in New Jersey, and I sent her all the charity hats I'd made up until now.  She found a church on Staten Island who is distributing things to people who lost their stuff in the hurricane.  I had to send them to her work address, since she didn't have her mailbox back up yet.  Yes, she'd been affected by the storm, and was without power for 8 days. 

Anyway, one of her buddies at work wanted a hat, but she told him no.  I said I'd knit him one just for him, so I cast on this one.  I didn't do it on purpose, but I chose my go to hat pattern:  The Hurricane Hat. Ironically appropriate, don't you think?

And Beverly's cowl still continues apace:

Maybe I'll get it done by Christmas after all. 

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