Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bush's Mess

I woke up this morning and I wept.

I wept for my beloved country, and for all that we have lost. I wept for my countrymen who don't seem to realize what they've just done to themselves.  And I wept for the hundreds of thousands of military members whose ballots were mysteriously lost, burned up in a plane crash, or lost when a ship sank, or never got sent at all, or were kept hidden in a closet for a month and whose voices will not be heard.

America was once described as the last, best hope on Earth.  Were is our hope on Earth now?  Do we just endure until we can move on to the next life?  No, we retreat.  We regroup.  And we come out fighting for our freedom once more.

A big part of that freedom is getting information out, and making sure people can make informed decisions before voting.  I was talking with one of my coworkers this morning, and she said she still believed Obama could fix the economy.  She didn't have a clue as to what his plan to actually do that is, but she believed in him.

I asked her why he didn't do it in his first term, especially during his first two years of his first term when he had control of both houses of Congress-- including a veto-proof super majority in the Senate.

Her response was "Because he had to clean up Bush's mess!"  Four years later, that's all they can come up with.  Still blaming Bush.

OK, now, I'm a little confused here.  Exactly what part of "Bush's mess" did he clean up?  Well, the economy.  But what part of the economy?

Was it the unemployment rate?  

Um, no.  That was 7.8% the day Obama took office. and is 7.9% today.  It's been above 8% for most of his first term, and true unemployment -- you know, what you get when you aren't playing dances with numbers-- is closer to 14%.  So, no.  He didn't clean that up.

Was it poverty?  

Again, no.  When Bush left office, there were 35 million people on food stamps.  Today, that number stands at nearly 48 million, so that can't be it, either.

How about median family income?  On the day Obama was inaugurated, median family income was around $55,000.  Today, it's down to $50,000-- a net loss of $5000 per year.  Doesn't sound like that mess has been cleaned up.

Maybe she meant the national debt.  

No, when Democrats took over both houses of Congress in 2006, the national debt was $948 billion.  This is important because there was a junior senator from Illinois named Barak Hussein Obama voting on all this spending.  By the time that junior senator was elected president, the national debt was $10.1 trillion.  By the end of his first term, the national debt had risen to $16 trillion, and is still climbing steadily.  So that's not cleaned up.

Oh, wait, maybe she meant the budget deficit. 

Yeah, it's true that there is no budget deficit, but that's only because there is no budget.  And there hasn't been one since Bush left office, so I don't see how that's been cleaned up.

Or could it be our credit rating? 

When Obama took office, the US had a Standard & Poor credit rating of AAA.  That's triple A.  Since then, it's been downgraded twice and currently stands at AA-.  It's so bad, China won't loan us any more money.  They say we're a bad risk.  So, no, I'd say that hasn't been cleaned up, either.

Oh, I get it, he cleaned up the mess in Iraq.  He ended Bush's war there.  

I'll give you that, but just know that there's a huge difference between ending a war and winning a war.  We didn't win that war.  Iraq kicked us out.  You see, in any country that the U.S. wants to maintain a military presence in, there must be an agreement between our government and the host country's government called a Status Of Forces Agreement.  This defines the terms and conditions under which our troops may stay there-- everything from building leases to how many locals must be hired to work on base.  Our two governments couldn't agree on a SOFA, so Iraq asked us to leave.  Kicked us out, basically.  But the key phrase here is "maintain a military presence."  That they were trying to hammer out a SOFA in the first place tells me that he never intended to bring the troops home.  So, yeah, he brought them home, but not as triumphant victors.  As whipped dogs with our tails between our legs.

But he got bin Laden.  

No, SEAL team 6 got bin Laden.

But he made the gutsy call to take action.

No, actually Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and a couple of other people made that call after Obama had passed on three previous opportunities to get bin Laden.  So afraid were they that he would say no again that they didn't even tell him they were doing it until the helicopters were already in Pakistan.  Then someone had to get him from the golf course to watch the hit go down on TV.  So, no.  HE didn't clean up that mess.

Well, he got the economy moving again.

No, the economy is limping along at less than 2% growth.  That's not moving.  That's stagnation. And it's actually gone down each year he's been in office, so that's not cleaning anything up.

So, can somebody help me out here?  Just what part of Bush's mess did he clean up?

I can't figure it out. 



Patti said...

Nice summation Becky, I wish it were a nightmare and I could wake up in a cold sweat, but unfortunately we're all living it.

Voter fraud is what put the Failure-in-Thief back in office again. Non-citizens actually bragging about voting in our elections, DNC-controlled Diebold machines changing each Romney vote to THREE Obama votes, and of course don't forget "vote early vote often."

Stupid leftists never learn from history. What the 47% "voted" for are the freebies, what they got is a Dictator for Life. What they are about to find out is who dictators always, always eliminate first: the people who put them in power, the useful idiots who are no longer needed and whose "freebies" cost the regime too much money. And they won't have anyone left to run to for help. Serves them right, elections have consequences.

America as you and I were raised in died on Tuesday, deliberately killed from within over a 50-year period by the slow-encroachment of socialism into every single one of our institutions for purposes of destroying them: families, communities, churches, education, healthcare, corporations, mass media, government, all of it, gone. We are now officially slaves to The State.

Becky G said...

And there were several other things I didn't even touch on-- like gas prices. I'm with you on the voter fraud. I'm absolutely convinced that it's how he won, both times. I have a whole post planned on just that topic that I'll get to soon.

Becky G said...

Oh, and no, leftists don't learn from history. They don't even learn from what is happening in Europe today, in Greece and France. That is the road we're headed down, and they choose not to see it.

We've been slaves to the state since 1913. That's when the government gave themselves the power to confiscate as much of our incomes as they want to, and we have no say so. People say we're socialist now. We've BEEN socialist for a hundred years, they just don't know that.

jasini said...

If you haven't all ready, I'd suggest you start following Sarah Hoyt's blog:

I've posted links to a lot of her stuff on my FB page, so you may have seen most of her recent entrees. :-)

Becky G said...

I have read some of her posts. Most of the time, she is a little long winded for me,though.


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