Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Week Of Thankfulness

Today, and every day, I am thankful for strong, courageous leaders who will not back down from evil.  I'm thankful for a president who, when his country is attacked, doesn't apologize to his attackers, but defends his people and his country, even though the media the world over tries to paint him as the aggressor. 

Obviously, I'm not talking about our president.

I'm talking about a man who understands the difference between utopian illusions and reality, and that peace based on the former will eventually crash on the rocks of reality.  A man who understands that bowing to the enemy only invites aggression.

I'm talking about a man whose country has been struck with more than 8000 rockets in the last 12 years, and has fought back, even though he's been virtually abandoned by everyone who called himself his ally. 

I'm also thankful for two men who, when their countrymen came under attack, defied orders to stand down and went to their aid anyway --knowing that they probably wouldn't come out alive.  I'm thankful that they had the skills, and the strength, and the stamina to battle for hours upon hours, all the while calling for help that would never come.

Yet they did not quit their post.  They did not quit their post.  They did not abandon their post, though it cost them their lives.

These are the kinds of men we need in the world today.  These are the men we need to hold up to our children as heroes.  These are the men we need to try to emulate in our own lives.

No, we may not have to hold off a terrorist attack, but we do have to hold off the ever encroaching tyranny of the federal government.  No, we may not have to deal with rockets, but we do have to deal with attacks on our lives, our liberties, and our pursuits of happiness.

For showing us what courage, leadership, and strength truly mean, today I am thankful for men like these.

P.S.  If you don't know who these three men are, then you need to get yourself informed, and you need to be asking why.

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