Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Troubles

Well, today certainly didn't go as I had planned.

I'd taken half day of vacation-- to get some stuff done is what I told myself.  The real reason is that my CDO won't allow me to leave a half day on the books.  So I took it.

What is CDO,  you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  CDO is like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order the way they should be.

So, I had taken half a day of vacation.  Looking forward to my afternoon off.  I didn't even pack a lunch, because I was going to come home and eat lunch.


About 9 AM, Ronnie-- the shift supervisor-- comes running up to me and says, "Do you really have to leave today?"

"Well, no, I don't have to," I say. 

He begs me to stay because one of the other brazers had gotten sick and he didn't have enough brazers to cover for me and all the ones who were already out, either sick or on vacation. 

"Normally, I would never even ask, but I'm in such a bind," he said.  He even offered to give me a dollar to buy something to eat.  But nah, I had some change in my pocket.

I ended up working all cay, but now I still have that half day on the books.

CDO is kicking in...

I don't know what it is lately.  Maybe it's because he's recently graduated.  Maybe because next month he'll be heading off to college, but I've had another of those dreams where Cody is little again.  They make me think of all the things I did wrong when he was growing up.  All the things I didn't know.  All the things I wish now that I'd done differently.

It kind of cracks me up when people who don't even really know me say, "Oh, but you did a good job."  I want to ask them, "How do you know?  Were you there?  Did you see all the stuff I did bad?"

He turned out OK, but that was only through the grace of God, not because of anything I did.


Bag Blog said...

The grace of God definitely plays the biggest part. But good parenting is also important. Utlimatley, our children have to make certain life choices - having a good example set before them helps. Funny how when someone's child does well, the parent gets compliments and takes credit. But when the child turns out terrible, the parent gets sympathy and takes no credit.

Becky G said...

That's one thing I think I did do right. I encouraged him to make his own choices, and I never ridiculed those choices like my mother did to me.

Even when he was small, say three years old, when I would buy his clothes, I'd pick out two shirts and asked him which one he wanted. Whichever choice he made was the one I got him. At least we didn't fight over clothes that way.


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