Thursday, July 05, 2012

Just Pictures

Going back to work the day after a holiday for some reason always seems like a Monday on steroids.  So today's post will be brief.

First up cross stitch progress.  I'm really, finally, almost through!  

Funny thing, though. I went to leave feedback on the seller's ebay site. I was going to say how it was way overpriced for a graphic copped from the internet and plugged into an unregistered chart generating program, and that had obviously not been proofread or test stitched, and how if it wasn't for a charity project, I wouldn't have bought it, etc. etc... But when I got there, all the seller's items had been removed. I wondered if she got busted for copyright violations. I wouldn't doubt it.

The good news is, the marigolds I thought were going to die are putting out new growth!

This is just one, but all three look like they might recover.  Thanks for the tip, Cyndye.  Next year, I'll know a whole lot more about gardening than I do now.

These are just random pictures of flowers.  

Aren't they pretty?

Finally, Cody has gone off to college orientation.  This is the second one.  I think they have one more before classes actually start.  Boy have times changed.  When I went to college for my freshman year, we just showed up a week early.

As he was pulling out in his truck, I had to fight the urge to run after him, bring him back home, and say, "Don't grow up so fast.  Come back!  Be little again."

But I didn't.

I just waved and said what moms always say...

"Drive fast and take chances!  Use your road rage if you have to!"


Bag Blog said...

How far away will Cody be when he goes off to college. Bo was three hours away. It was pretty hard the first time he went off. It is funny how you can be so proud and happy for them and then want to cry when you walk into their room after they are gone.3

Becky G said...

Cody will be about three hours away also. Close enough to come home for the weekend, but not close enough to come home every night. Sigh...


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