Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I finally finished clue 1 of the 2012 AMS.

Now, I'm only half a week behind.  Not that I'm worried about it.  I still haven't finished the one from year before last, after all.

This is my life.  I'd told Shelbi that I would do a cross stitch picture for a charity auction to benefit St. Jude.  I check Walmart for DMC floss, and they don't have it.  I check again a week or so later, and they still don't have it.  I check one more time, and they still don't have it, so I break down and order it online.

The very next time I went into Walmart, they had DMC floss.

But the good news is, I've been wanting to do a paint by number here lately. I used to love to do them as a kid, and I've had a hankering to revisit my childhood.  While I was ordering my floss, I checked out the paint by number kits and found this one on sale.

I can't wait to get started!

Except that I have to clean off my table first, so I guess I can wait just a bit.  These 10 hour work days really take a lot out of my day.  Oh, and I need to find my good paintbrushes.

The good news is, James found my water hose nozzle, with the hose end still in it.  He said the dogs must have chewed it off the end of the hose and were playing with it.  I appreciate that he found it.

I also appreciate how my dogs chewed my hose in a perfectly straight cut, and didn't leave a single tooth mark in it.  And that they neatly coiled the hose back up after jerking the end off of it.

Boy, I have good dogs.


Bag Blog said...

Those are some amazing dogs!

Clean that table and have fun.

Patti said...

I still have the paint-by-number pictures I finished whilst living in Behrens Hall at HSU, just saying; the boat/water landscape set of 2? I don't remember if you ever saw them but we were in each other's room enough, hehehe...

Becky do you realize that next year (2013) will be 30 years since we graduated high school?

Becky G said...

Yes, they are. Just imagine what they could do if they had opposable thumbs.

Patti, I do remember the paint by number pictures you did. And please don't remind me how long it's been since we graduated!!


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