Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy Prepositions

Busy as can be...

That was always one of my favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs.  Alas, I'm not a preposition, but I was busy today.

It all started when I overslept and missed church.  We can't all be perfect...

But I didn't just sit around watching TV all day, no siree.  I did three loads of laundry.

I blocked the 2011 Anniversary Mystery Shawl:

I love the feel of a fresh blocked shawl. So light and airy, yet surprisingly warm and comforting at the same time.

I continued plodding away at the cross stitch for charity. 

while catching up on my episodes of Sherlock.

And I reworked my front flower bed.  By the time I was finished, it was too dark to take a picture, so I'll take one tomorrow.

Oh, and as always, I watched the National Memorial Day Concert.  It was good, but I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do the Armed Forces Medley.  That was my favorite part of the entire thing.  When Cody was little, he used to insist that I stand up during the Navy anthem.

Soon, the Tour de France bicycle race will start.  In about a week or so, I'm not sure exactly when.  Anyway, for several years, online fiber communities have done what they call the Tour de Fleece. 

What that means is, while the cyclists are spinning their wheels, Tour de Fleece participants are spinning theirs as well.  Spinning wheels, that is.  Or drop spindles as the case may be, which is my case.

I've always wanted a wheel.  A traditional style wheel.  I imagine myself on long winter nights, spinning in front of the fireplace, softly singing hymns to myself.  But alas, I have neither wheel nor fireplace, so that image remains a dream for now.  But I digress...

Some people get really serious about it, but I've never participated myself.  This year, I decided to give it a whorl.  *Snicker snort*  The first week -- May 26-June 1-- is training.  This is the week to pick your project, set your goals, order fiber if you need to.  That sort of thing.  Well, I know I've got plenty of fiber I need to spin up, and some projects I need to work on. 

So, I dug through various closets, boxes, and project bags until I found three spindles partially completed.

Now, I have the rest of the week to decide which one I want to work on, and how much I want to get accomplished. 

I'll let you know how that goes. 

I've got tomorrow off of work for the Holiday, and I think I'll work on inside projects.  You know, cleaning snake cages, vacuuming and shampooing my carpet, that sort of thing.

I'll let you know how that goes, too.


Patti said...
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Patti said...

Disappointing to hear about the concert; I wanted to watch it but couldn't find what time it was on here. Dunno how they could leave out the Service anthems? Just more leftwing PBS? On the upside, Gary Sinise is just teh coolest!

Here it is from 2010:
(don't forget to stand up during Navy)...It is so touching to see even the retired Veterans still standing at attention along with the active duty guys and gals

Sus said...

Oh my gosh, your giant lace shawls are always such an inspiration to me. So beautiful!

Becky G said...

Nah, I think it may have had more to do with the severe weather closing in that leftists. If it were leftists, they wouldn't have been airing the concert for the last 20 years.

Thanks, Sus!


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