Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No WIPs This Wednesday

It has been a very busy week!  I'm going to try to get you all caught up, but it may take a few days.  Between family coming in for Cody's graduation, and Cody's graduation, and me still working 9-10 hour shifts 6 days a week, I'm one pooped little puppy. 

Anyway, I haven't knit much at all since I started this cross stitch thing.  Thus, I have no WIPs to show you.  I do, however, have cross stitch progress!

It's coming along, but I'd forgotten how slow going cross stitch can be.  I used to cross stitch all the time, but as I've gotten older, it's become too hard to see.  I'm struggling with this one.  I'm thinking of buying some of those reading glasses from the drug store.  You know, the ones that are basically magnifying glass in glasses frames. 

Eh, they'll come in handy for lace knitting, too. 

So, am I far enough along that you can tell what it is going to be?

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