Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

It's back!  Finally, a Ten On Tuesday topic I think I can actually do.  And what is this topic, pray tell? Well, I'll tell you.

What Are Your 10 Favorite Love Songs?  

I think the hard part is going to be narrowing it down to 10.  There are so many good love songs out there.  One of these, I was going to post as a Music Monday yesterday, but didn't.  Kinda glad, now, because I can post it here as my absolute, all-time favorite love song.  And it is:

Wait, maybe I should go in reverse order.  Can't make this too easy, you know...

10.  You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This, by Toby Keith. Unless you mean it like that.  If you do, baby kiss me again. 

9.  Can't Help Falling In Love, by Elvis Presley.  For some reason, this song always makes me think of Marion Barber, and is one of the few Elvis songs I really, really like.

8.  You'll Accompany Me, by Bob Seger. 

7.  Carrying Your Love With Me, by George Strait

6.  Faithfully, by Journey

5.   Would You Lay With Me, by David Allen Coe

4.  Safe In The Arms Of Love, by Martina McBride, My heart is not ready for the rocking chair, either.

3.  Drift Off To Dream, by Travis Tritt.  Someday, I'll find you.  I really will. 

2.  Stay Forever, by Hal Ketchum.  A little known song, by a little known artist, but one of the best ever written. 

1.  Everything I Do, by Brian Adams.  And there it is, my favorite love song, from the most romantic movie ever.  What?  Robin Hood romantic?  Why yes.  Yes it is.  In the words of Duncan, "I may be blind, but some things I can still see." 

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