Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here There Be


Yes, the Pirate shirt is finished.

See, I went to work yesterday as usual. Working merrily along, when at about 7:30, the power went out. Of course, without power, we can't do anything. No lights, no machines, no high pressure air, no nothing. After about 30 minutes, when it became obvious that it wasn't going to be a quick fix, they decided to send us all home. Funny thing is, about 2 minutes after everybody left, the power came back on. It was on by the time I got home.  I laughed and thought, 'Boy, I'll bet they regret sending us home now!'

Anyway, since I'd ended up with an unexpected day off, I finished sewing up the pirate shirt. (I also did laundry, but that's not nearly as exciting.)

When I tried it on, though, I decided it was too low cut in the front to wear to work, for both modesty and safety reasons. I do work with a very hot flame, you know. I'm going to try tinkering around with hiding some darts in the shoulder seams to kind of raise the front up a little bit. That'll probably be my weekend project.

I got the second shirt cut out (after going down a couple of sizes in my pattern pieces), but decided to take today to knit a bit. I've been working on AMS 2011.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through clue 3. I also want to work some more on AMS 10, whose mojo, after nearly a year long absence, has suddenly returned with a vengeance. Ahhhh, so much lace, so little time!

I talked to Former Group Leader Rod this morning and told him that I'd been looking for him yesterday when the lights were out.  He said, "You were looking for a black man in a dark plant?"

Ummm, yeah.

I didn't find him, either.  All right, then...

I was expecting them to have us work Saturday to make up for yesterday, but we aren't.  I told Vanessa that I wanted to go somewhere this weekend instead of sitting at home staring at the wall.  I need a break,  a diversion.  I need to do something different! 

But I probably won't.  I'll probably just end up sitting at home, staring at the wall.



Sus said...

Especially since it's just for work, you could sew a triangle of fabric across the low point of the neckline and it will look fine.

Super cute fabric, btw!!

Becky said...

Great minds think alike! That is the solution I came up with.


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