Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yes, I finally made it to the store and came home with fabric. 

I got these three off of the clearance rack for $2 per yard.  I got two yards of each.  That's enough to make three shirts for less than what one shirt would cost to buy. 

My trip was not without incident, however.  In line ahead of me were two college girls who wanted to make a blanket.  I won't tell you which college it was, but it's colors were maroon and white.  Remember that this is Mississippi, so no, it wasn't the Texas Aggies. 

Anyway, they were going to make one of those blankets where you get the two large pieces of cloth, fringe them, then tie the fringes together.  They picked out some kind of fuzzy, white cloth, and let the sales clerk actually cut a huge hunk of it off of the bolt before deciding that they didn't want that particular fabric after all. 

They went back to the racks to pick something else, and the clerk cut my three pieces.  I saw them as they left the store with what they eventually picked out, and I wondered how that blanket is going to work. 

Nevertheless, I've got my pattern, and I've got my fabric, so now I'm going to go



Sigh, I'm so predictable, aren't I?

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