Tuesday, August 01, 2017

New Phone

You'd think I'd be more excited about it, but I'm not. 

I didn't really want a new phone, especially since ATT has stopped selling phones for super cheap with a 2 year contract.  But the old iPhone 5s seemed to be on its last legs.  So to speak.

The selfie camera didn't work any more.  Not sure why I was worried about that, because I never took selfies.

The internal speaker didn't work any more.  That was annoying.  As much as it takes for me to make a phone call, I sure don't want to have to talk on the speaker phone every time.

Siri didn't work any more.  I hated Siri, and never used it but by golly, I wanted it to work! 

To be perfectly honest, I'd never really been pleased with my 5.  I'd have bought a new phone long time ago if they weren't do darned expensive.  I figured, heck, I'm working all these hours, might as well get something I need.

Funny thing, my new phone has 32G of memory.  My first computer had only 7G.  And that was considered "oodles of memory" at the time! 

Two things I do like about the new phone is the camera seems so much clearer, and that I was able to download all my photos and apps from my iCloud backup.  I didn't have that the last time I bought a new phone -- which would have been the old 5 -- and never could get that transfer app to work right. 

I think the main reason I wanted a new phone is that I'm planning a little weekend excursion later this month, and needed something reliable. 

But more about that later...

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