Friday, July 17, 2015

Baking My Brains

You know it's hot outside when you rejoice that tomorrow's forecasted high has dropped to 98'.  It's been so hot at work that I think my brains have baked.  I was looking down the aisle at this guy doing something.  I don't even know what he was doing, but I was thinking to myself, "I wonder who that is.  He looks a lot like Fernando."

Then I realized it was Fernando.

I think I'm losing my mind.  No comments from the peanut gallery. 

Tuesday, I had to run into town to get some milk and flea stuff for the dogs.  I noticed my Jimmy was running hot.  Indeed, I barely made it home.  I went over to see if James would follow me to the mechanic to drive me back home.  He said, "Let's go look at it first and see what you have going on."

The good news is, it wasn't a leak or a faulty water pump.  My radiator was clogged up.  We flushed it out really well, and put some cleaner stuff into it.  It's doing OK now, but we're going to put two or three cycles of that cleaner stuff through it.  The instructions say drive for three to six hours.  Since I never really go anywhere, that'll take me several days, just to run one cycle.   

I'm hoping and praying that I might have found a buyer for my house.  She went to her bank, and said they are supposed to let her know Monday if they're going to approve her loan.  That they didn't pre-approve her right away kind of concerns me, but I'm hoping for the best.  If this falls through, I think I'm just going to turn the whole mess over to my realtor.  I really would like to get this all over and done with, and I'm trying to take care of it while working a 9 - 10 hour day.  And yes, we're still working 6 days a week.

We went yesterday and looked at one more house.  The realtor just loves the house, but the minute I walked in, I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I take that as a pretty good sign that it isn't the house for me.  I think I've found the house I want, though, and am ready to make an offer.  Just as soon as I can find a buyer for mine, and get a letter of intent from his/her bank to start my own mortgage process, I'm going to make an offer on one.

Well, I want to go look at it one more time, and if it still feels like home to me, I'll know it's the one.  I'll keep you posted.

More big news, Wal-mart has stopped carrying my hair gel and leave in treatment, so now I get to order them from Amazon.   I'm already ordering my lactose intolerance suppliments and some vitamins, so might as well.  But hey, they offer free wi-fi in the store now.  Yippee.

The point of all that is to tell you that I am totally geeked out by these POP! figurines, so when I ordered, I tossed the Fourth Doctor into my shopping cart.

Look, he's even got a little sonic screwdriver in his hand.  

"They're screwdrivers.  What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?"  Extra points if you can tell me who said that and in which episode.

These did not come from Amazon.

I was browsing one of my favorite Etsy shops --Treasure Cast-- and found a cloak pin and a broach that I absolutely loved.

Not being a broach wearer, nor having need of a cloak pin, I messaged the shop owner and asked him if there was any chance he could make it into a necklace.  He messaged me back and said that he already has that design in a necklace, and didn't realize he'd neglected to put it into his shop.

A few clicks later and voila!  I have the Celtic Dragon on the left.

The one on the left is a variation of a trinity knot that I've been admiring for some time.  I bought it to, in appreciation for the shop owner being so accommodating. 

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