Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Have A House!

The realtor sent me a text this afternoon.  The seller has accepted my offer!  I have a house!!!

Well, pending all the paperwork, red tape, and hoops I have to jump through, I have a house.   

Some of my Facebook friends and I are already planning my landscaping.  Probably after work tomorrow, I'm going to go into True Value (a hardware store), and get some paint cards, just to see what my options are. 

It's going to be slow going, because I have some other debts to pay off first, but I'll eventually make this house my home. 

You'll get to go through that journey with me. 

I'm so excited!!

1 comment:

Sue O said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I wish you every happiness with your new home. Praying everything goes smoothly for you and that your trailer finds a new owner soon.



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