Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yesterday's Post

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but I was waiting for the FedEx guy.  I was expecting a package, so I was waiting on the FedEx guy. 

While I was waiting, I checked my mailbox.  There was a package in my mailbox.  It was the last Christmas present.

Beverly and James collect bird ornaments for their Christmas tree.  Back in November, I was looking in the Avon book, and saw this one.

 "What a great gift!"  I thought.  When I went to buy it, though, it was unavailable.  I clicked the link to have them notify me when it became available again.   Christmas came and went, and I never received the notification.  I bought them something else, and didn't think about it any more. 

About 10 days ago, I got the e-mail.  The ornament was back in stock.  Fat lot of good that did me, but then I thought, "what the heck, I'll buy it anyway.  At least they'll be able to add it to their collection."  And that is what I did. 

I was still waiting for the FedEx guy when the UPS guy arrived, bringing me my new movie.

I haven't watched it yet.  I'll probably wait until the weekend, so I can relax and really enjoy it.

I was still waiting for the FedEx guy, and getting a little aggravated.  I wanted to go take a shower to wash the day's sweat and grime from my body.  I figured it'd be just my luck that as soon as I got in the shower, he'd show up.  So, I waited.  Waited for the FedEx guy...

Finally, at 7:00 PM, the FedEx guy showed up.

"Had you given up on me?" he asked.

"Just about," I said. 

He explained that they had gotten so far behind because of all the ice and snow, and the airports being closed and the roads closed...they were just now starting to get caught up.  It's been rough, he said.

And just what had the long awaited FedEx guy brought me?  A new phone!

Yep, I was due for an upgrade.  I debated on skipping straight to the iPhone 6, but when I realized I could get a 5 for less than $100, my Luddite ways won out.    Besides, I figured, what do I use a phone for, but to check Facebook and play Hay Day?  Yeah, my issues run deep. 

I'll wait a few weeks before I give my opinion on it.  I'm still in the I don't like it!  It's new and I don't like new!  stage.  I'm sure I'll like it fine once I get used to it. 

Or as well as I can like any phone.  Like I said, my phone issues run deep. 

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