Saturday, March 14, 2015

As If That Weren't Enough

As if coming in at 5 AM every day weren't enough...

Seems we have some big inspection coming up next month, so from now until then, Group Leader Fernando wants the place cleaned.  He spent too much time in the Army.  It's a process audit.  They won't be white gloving the pipes and stuff.  But he still wants them white glove clean.  Does he know we work in a factory? 

Nevertheless, he wants the place cleaned up, and said I can stay until 4 every day.  That'll make for long days, short nights, and very good paychecks. 

Speaking of paychecks, this afternoon, I helped Cody fill out his very first tax return.  Boy, the 1040EZ isn't nearly as EZ as I remembered.  Taxes have gotten so complicated it's not even funny.

Speaking of Cody, he's been home on spring break, but because I've been working such long hours, I've barely seen him.  Beverly and I are taking him back to school after church tomorrow.

Speaking of church, if I don't hurry and get to bed, I won't make it.

Speaking of making it, I had a really cool blog post about Pi day all mentally composed, but it's not going to make it.

Sorry about that.  

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