Friday, March 06, 2015

I Could Cry

You know that  horrible, awful, God-forsaken, straight-from-the-fires-of-Hell itself shawl I've been working on for five long, interminable years?  I was working on it yesterday, when I found this.

I could just cry.  And I'm not ashamed to admit that I did.  A bit. 

I don't know how it got there.  My guess is cat claw.  But as you can see, it's several inches back and below the lowest lifeline.

At this point, I can't even deal.  I stuffed the shawl on the back of the shelf and will decide what to do with it later.  Be warned, though, at this point, I have developed a deep and burning, loathing hatred for this shawl.  More than likely, the entire thing will be ripped out and the yarn re-purposed. 

Right now, I don't care if I never see the blasted thing ever again. 

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