Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Yarnz!!

Tuesday is my friend Vanessa's birthday. For several weeks now, she's been talking about wanting to go to the zoo. Well, if you've known me for any length of time, you'll know I was all over that. So today, I took her to the Memphis Zoo for her birthday.  And you know I had to stop at Hank of Yarn on the way there. 

I'd gone in to Wal-mart earlier in the week and bought a new P&S camera, but oddly enough I didn't take all that many photos. I'll post the ones I did take tomorrow. But for today, I'll treat you to these:


OK, well this isn't yarn. It's a wool wash.

But this is yarn!   Only it didn't come from Hank's.  It came from Knit Picks.  What we hae here is Gloss Lace in black.  Yes, I've been told I'm not right in the head.

And here we see Stroll Sport sock yarn.  Upon initial observation it seems to have a tighter twist than the old Essential, so maybe it won't fuzz as much.  I got these to makes some sleepin' socks.  My feet get so cold at night.

That is Stream Heather on the left, and Buckskin on the right.  And this is Pumpkin.

It looks brighter in this photo than in real life.  Flash effect, I suppose.  Anyway, it's an almost perfect University of Texas burnt orange. I think I'll make a hat and scarf set out of it.

And now, we finally get to the yarn I got at Hank's.  My sister in law Paula had requested a baby blue wool hat for Christmas, so I got this. 

It is Cascade 220 Superwash.

Hank is clearancing all the Plymouth Encore, and this color really jumped out at me. 

It didn't have a name, just a number.  That number is 1405. They only had one ball left, but I figure it's enough to make a couple of hats for a couple of nephews.  Or maybe a brother or two...

Speaking of hats, I bought the right size needles to transfer this hat to a circular.

Maybe now, I'll make more progress on it.  See, no matter how much I adjusted the stitches, the SSK always seemed to land right between two DPNs.  I'd have to slip the first one from one needle, and the second one from another needle.  That was such a pain in the patootey. 

I got home in time to watch the last three quarters of the Texas UCLA game.  The McCoy-Shipley magic has returned to the Longhorns!  Only this time, it isn't Colt and Jordan. It's Case and Jaxon. 

Somehow, it only seems fitting that I should post

A Gratuitous Case McCoy photo.


Bag Blog said...

I bet you feel about yarn the way I do about art supplies. Did I mention that my friend knitted me some socks. She did it with these tiny needles - several of them around the sock - amazing!

Becky said...

Yes, I do remember you saying that. Hand knit socks are da bomb! I haven't worn store bought socks in years.


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