Monday, September 12, 2011

All Romo's Fault

Before the ink was even dry on the Cowboys' 27-24 loss to the New York Jets, the Romo bashing had already begun in earnest.  Very simple minded fans like to blame Romo for everything that goes wrong.  Because he isn't focused.  Because he smiles too much.  Because he got married.  Because he plays golf (conveniently ignoring the fact that defending Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rogers and two time Super Bowl Champion Ben Rothlisberger are also avid golfers.)  Whatever the reason, the Cowboys just can't win as long as they have Tony Romo as quarterback.

After all, it was Romo who fumbled on the 1 yard line, and even though the Jets didn't score any points off of that turnover, that play cost them the game.  So, yes, it was all Romo's fault.

Because apparently it was Romo who wasn't where he was supposed to be on a comeback route, leading to an interception, which lead to the game winning field goal by Nick Folk.  And apparently it was Romo who decided to cut Folk in the first place, because you know, it's all Romo's fault.

And it was Romo who broke to the inside, instead of the outside like he was supposed to, and so didn't catch what would have been a touchdown.

And it was Romo who snapped the ball too early.

And it was Romo who snapped the ball too late.

And it was Romo who false started, twice.

And it was Romo who let the Jets block the punt which led to the game tying touchdown.

And it was Romo who couldn't stop the Jets' pass rush to save his soul.  And it was Romo who couldn't open holes to get the running game going.  And it was Romo who couldn't rush for more than 2.6 yards per carry.  And it was Romo who couldn't punch it in from the 1 yard line, leading to the third down play in which he fumbled in the first place. 

And it was Romo who can't seem to draft a cornerback who can stay healthy.  And it's Romo who stubbornly insists on hanging on to a cornerback who has spent half his career standing injured on the sidelines.

And it was Romo who had the idea of using John Phillips as a kick returner.  (Seriously?  He's a great tight end, but as a kick returner?  Seriously?)

And it was Romo who singlehandedly gave up 17 4th quarter points.

So of course, it's all Romo's fault. Because for the simple minded fans out there, it's just easier to blame the quarterback.


Bag Blog said...

I don't have much to say on Romo and the Cowboys. We have not watched any football this season.

StephieKnits said...

Last time I looked it took a team to win a game or to lose a game.

Becky said...

Exactly, but most people don't seem to see that. The blocked punt, and injuries to Scandrick and Jenkins were way more devastating that either of Romo's mistakes.


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