Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bad, Good, and Bad

The bad news is, Jesse ran away.

The good news is, I ran after him and got him back. 

The bad news is, I'm plumb tuckered. 

The good news is, he seemed really glad to be back.  Even though he seemed afraid when I was chasing him, once I got him home, and he realized I wasn't angry, just glad to have him back, he loved on me a bit.  Almost as if to say he was sorry.

The bad news is, I found the dog shampoo.  Well, that's bad news for Jesse.

The good news is, he won't stink any more. 


Bag Blog said...

Some dogs are roamers. Some dogs are clingers. Some you have to talk rough to them. Some you must speak softly. Today the Great Dane kept sneaking into the living room to lay on the carpet rather than the laundry room floor. Danes do not sneak well.

Becky said...

No, I imagine they don't!

I really don't think Jesse was trying to run away. I think he was just exploring, but when he wandered so far and I started going after him, it kind of spooked him. Being a stray for I don't know how long has made him wary of being chased.

You're right about them being different, too. Jesse is much more sensitive to correction than Rylea is. I have to speak much more gently to him, and even be careful how I play with him. If I get a bit too rough, it scares him.

He's going to be fine, though. Once he gets a little more used to me, he'll be OK. He's already come leaps and bounds in the three weeks that I've had him. It's all going to get better from here.

Jasini said...

I've given up trying to chase Rocky when he runs off. There's no way I can catch him, and he just thinks it's part of the game.

Becky said...

Truth be told, I had a bit of help from some of the neighbor's dogs. They slowed him down enough --wore him out enough-- that I was able to catch him.


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