Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teeth and Stuff

First the stuff. Given the circumstances, I decided not to take Rylea on her walk this evening. I didn't seen anything in the paper that they'd caught the fugitive, but I'm sure they did.

Ok, on to the teeth...

I finally talked to a lady at church about driving me to the oral surgeon. She said she'd be glad to. I knew she would, but like I told her, it's easy to put it off when your teeth aren't hurting. So Monday, I called the oral surgeon when I got home from work, only to find out that their office was already closed. We had to work until 4 that day, and that's when they close. Today, we got off at 3:15, so I called as soon as I got home and made an appointment for a consult. I'll have to leave work early to go, but that's ok. My boss has been getting on my last nerve anyway.

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