Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teeth, Yarn, And Football

I had my consult with the oral surgeon today, and I'm having my teeth out May 5th.  I asked him if I had to be put to sleep to get it done, and he said no, but he highly recommended it.  My wisdom tooth is still mostly in the bone, so he's going to have to cut around it.  I'm going to take that Wednesday and Thursday off of work, and Friday if I can get it.  If not, I'll probably call in sick, depending on how I feel.

Now, the good news.  My yarn from Knitpicks got here!  Woo Hoo!  This first one is Shadow Tonal in Queen Anne. 

This is the yarn I ordered for my Anniversary 10 Mystery Shawl.  The color is pretty accurate in this photo--much more so than on their website or in the catalog.  It's more coral than it appears in those.  I like it.  Now, I've just got to finish the Anniversary 09 mystery Shawl.  Only 10 1/2 rows left.  Think I can do it before Saturday? 

This one is Gloss Lace in Dandelion.


I'm saving this one for a summer shawl/stole, and I may just actually keep it. Now, that would be something different.  I keep very little of what I knit.  I'm most definitely a process knitter. 

In football news, Ben Rothlisberger has been suspended for 6 games for violating the league's conduct policy. Now, last year, I thought the first sexual assault charge sounded really fishy. But, when the second charge came up within a year's time, well, let's just say that it was too coincidental to be a coincidence.  Latest news is that now the Steelers want to dump him, too.   They contacted the Rams, who weren't interested.  I guess they figured he's more trouble than he's worth, and that's saying something, considering it's the Rams Dude.

Finally, the 2010 schedule was released yesterday.   Interestingly enough, the Cowboys have the third hardest schedule--based on their opponents '09 won/loss schedule.  The defending Superbowl Champion Saints have the 27th hardest schedule.  You would think the world champions would rate a much more difficult schedule than the 6th easiest.

One last thing, today is our favorite quarterback's 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Tony!


Kristen said...

mmmm to the yarn!!!

明偉誠秋 said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................


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