Friday, April 23, 2010

Draft News

The Cowboys took Penn State linebacker Sean Lee with their second round pick.  Not having a third round pick, they are done for the night, unless they do some wheeling and dealing.

They should have welt and dealt for Chad "Dreadlocks of Doom" Jones, safety out of LSU.  He was taken in the third round by the New York Giants, which I am totally not happy about.

The second LSU player drafted, also in the third round, was Brandon "JoJo" LaFell.

Here is bit of Draft Day trivia.  This is the first year since 2004 that LSU has not had a player drafted in the first round.  True.

2009--Tyson Jackson, Kansas City Chiefs
2008--Glenn Dorsey, Kansas City Chiefs
2007--JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders
2006--Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts
2005--Marcus Spears, Dallas Cowboys

Jordan Shipley is going to play for the Cincinnati Bengals.  And the winningest college quarterback in history will be playing for the Cleveland Browns. As much as I love the boy, I just don't think I can post Gratuitous Colt McCoy photos of him in a Browns uniform.

So here is one more, just for old times sake.

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